Newbie: help with Kprobe results


I am trying to get the best out of Ritek G04s I got.
Here are three best results (out of ~30 I tried).
Please help me to understand which scan is better

  1. VS08 with Fuji writing strategy

  2. VS04 with Fuji writing strategy

  3. VS08 with Ritek G06 writing strategy.

Wow, you tried 30 different combinations?

VS08 with Fuji strategy seems best among the three to me.

They all look good to me!

You should try some bad media (eg Princo) to get a comparison, you would feel much better and less confused about the KProbe results.

Thank you both!
I will continue my experiments:)

The first two are about the same, but the second one would be “better”, in that it doesn’t have the PIF spike to 6.

  • Gurm