Newbie help request

Thanks all to the endless, wonderfull insight on this post.

I have decided to get the NEC2510 for a relatively new (2 months) Dell 4600.

I have done a search on what additional parts are needed and have determined that the IDE cable in the machine should be adaquate.

However, have seen yes / no to “do i need to buy a power adaptor” question. Is there cables in the “box” to hook up power?

Again, sorry for the obvious newby, I did search and couldnt find anything.

Just trying to save a little time in the long run…

I have a Dell workstation w/ a NEC 2500A added. There will be extra power molexs available in the “box” to power additional devices.

Thanks for the info

If you also already have a DVD-ROM/CD Drive installed on your machine, you might not even need another IDE cable.

Each IDE cable should have two connectors, you should connect your DVD Writer to the same cable as your DVD-ROM drive. But seeing as the price of IDE cables is a whopping 3-4 pounds then why not get another of them, just in case.

Dell systems come w/ 2 IDE cables.

Thanks for all of your help…

Looking forward to learning more and helping others as I learn…