Newbie Help Please!

Hey all, So i am new to this whole burning DVD thing…and am having some trouble. My first question is if I take a movie and burn it to my Comp then use a DVD FAB Merge on to a disk, what type of disk this creates? I think it is a DVD-RAM but It will play on my XBOX 360 but not my DVD player…

Also whenever I save a movie folder from my DVD burner onto my computer then rip those files onto a disk the disk does not work. But if I upload the movie from my CD-ROM on my laptop it creates the type of disked asked about above(possibly a DVD-RAM).

I Guess my big question in all of this is…How do I create a Disk that can play on any DVD player? Any help would be great!!!

First of all are you sure that your DVDRW drive supports RAM? What kind of drive is it. Fab will create a movie with .vobfiles and .bups and .ifo files. All of which slould be able to be played on any DVD Player. We need more information to help you.:iagree:

as alan has said we do need more information to fully help you.

please download and install the latest version Beta

My first question is if I take a movie and burn it to my Comp then use a DVD FAB Merge on to a disk, what type of disk this creates?

merge is so you can combine more than one video on the dvd. if you just want to copy a single dvd to a single dvd+r then you should use the main movie or full disk feature. main movie will select the longest title only and full disk will include the entire disk.

i dont know if you have changed any settings so before you begin go into the common settings and click the default button to get things back to normal. you will be asked to restart dvdfab. there are some settings that users suggest to change but for the most part default is okay to start.

insert your original dvd and click main movie then start, when prompted insert your blank dvd into the drive and click okay. if this will not work or will not play in your dvd player please post a burn log and there are people here which will be able to get alot of useful info from it.

signals explains how to post a burn log HERE

Check what region you are recording to.Also the dvd on dvd fab the
setting should be dvd5 or dvd9 if you are recording dual layer dvd.Then try
using a dvd-r to record to which is pretty standard. Also check your recording
speed.If you are trying to play a dvd of a diffrent region try using dvd region
free it’s a software that works in the background and it gives you a free trial
to use it before you buy. After you have downloaded it and,it pops up just
click on free trial and then use your regular dvdfab to record.
Good Luck ZAP.