Newbie help! My cd player and car stero cannot play cd rw. Can I do anything?



Hi all,

I’ve recently started burning mp3’s onto cd-rw disks but they won’t play on my home stereo or car stereo. I really don’t want to be buying new stereo’s as their fine. Is there anything I can do?

Any help/advice much appreciated, cheers.


Do you tried the files to burn on a cd-r?
And what for a media brand you’re usin for cd-rw?


Like rapid fire said CD-Rs.


Sorry mate. Dont understand you 100%, do you mean try and burn them onto a CD-R not CD-RW ??


Yes, correct on a cd-r, look only that they’re of better quality!


buy a new car stereo that accepts mp3 cds and also cd-rw


And remember to finalize the disc.


Also, clean your lenses. Some older systems will support recorded CDA, but they are harder to read than a purchased CD. You can also look into alternate plug-in devices. I run my computer straight into my stereo, for example, also it’s surprising that even cheap players will sound good on a decent amp/speaker set. I bought my mom a portable DVD that plays mp3 DVDs (800+ song disks) with a set of Logitech 2.1 THX certified speakers and everytime I hear it I think, “I paid how much for my system?!?” (ftr, mine’s better, but not the price difference better). I think eventually I’ll do completely w/o a receiver, just run all content through my PC. Actually, I currently do run everything though my computer, even television, the only thing I’m missing is an FM tuner card. I just love my Yamaha receiver far too much to part with her just now.