Newbie help-MSDN to be specific

I am new to Clone CD and I would like some help starting my first backup.

I am trying to back up “MSDN Library” for Visual Studio.NET. I have tried using data, secu, and safe disk profiles that I downloaded but the CD still fails to work. I did use a scanner but I dont know how accurate it is but it found CDCheck and CDLock.

I tried installing with my backup copies but they dont work. During the installation, it would say that some specific file is unreadable. If I restart the whole installation process with the original CDs, it would still give me the same error. Did the faulty CDs used during the installation leave some kind of cache or file that disables the usage of the real CDs? I know the original CDs work because I tested it on a different computer.

Many thanks for any help

If it doesn’t install off the originals, then I’d look for reasons why that failed before trying the cpy again.

Scratches, fingerprints etc would sound like the first place to start.

The original CDs are brand new and clean.

First, I tried making backups of them. I installed it onto my laptop. It failed. So I used the original CDs and installed it on my desktop. It works just fine. I uninstalled it from my desktop so that I can try reinstalling it using the backups. Once I tried using the backups, I get the same error. I restarted the installation process with the original CDs then they fail to work.

I think the installation process leaves some kind of temp file or something that prevents the original CDs from working. I tried to delete all the temp files from MSDN that I could find.

What kind of profile should I use for these kind of application CDs. I tried each of the profiles already but still failed. Do I need to make minor adjustments? It maybe because they are truely faulty or I didnt get rid of all the temp files yet.

I’ve not come across CDLock before but here is a very good thread by FutureProof that explains the common copy protections and what settings to use.

As for the temp files, I’d check all the usual places like c: emp, %systemroot% emp etc…