Newbie help: Is there an editing program out there?

first off i have been a regular here for a while. i am female so maybe some of you guys out there can help me out. i am not too familiar with all this dvd stuff like some of you guys. i was wondering if there is any program out there that lets you make your own dvd. by that i mean take clips and certain parts of DVD movies and creating a custom DVD from those movies. if such a program does exist… what is the best one in terms of quality and ease of use? thanks you guys very much!! any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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You need a DVD authoring program, not an editor.
DVDLab is probably the best, as long as you’ve got your video already encoded to DVD complaint mpeg-2 (mpg, or elementary streams).
Here’s a good place to get started:
DVDLab Guides

thanks very much reboot for the reply… one quick question. what do i need to encode to DVd complaint mpeg-2? and is it hard to do? thanks

It’s easy to do. Get an encoder. Most have demo versions that work well enough. Read the fine print though, some put a “watermark” on all video.
Look in the TOOLS section at for Canopus, Mainconcept, Tmpgenc, CCE, Quenc, Freenc.
Great guide for beginners:
Once you have your videos all converted, look in my guides for dvdlab to author the project.

you could also get a copy of ‘chopper xp’ to extract scenes out of dvds. Its free
and fairly easy to use and you don’t have to worry about converting the files.
If you have a copy of nero 6, it will also combine clips into dvds but its seems to
be slow on the conversion side.