Newbie Help: How do I make an ISO of an Audio CD ? It doesnt seem to work!



Hi guys,

Just tried making an ISO of my Audio CD - but it won’t let me.

I tried WinISO - but that just makes a tiny little file.

In Windows all I see is like 1kb shortcuts for each file. I tried EAC to extract to WAV - but that said like 30 hours plus!

I just want a quick and dirty ISO? Surely this is possible? It’s my freaking CD!!!

Any ideas greatly appreciated - using WINXP…


Are you trying to copy the cd or ripping into mp3 or other?

Little more info would help.


It can’t be done. ISO images only contain one track so unless your Audio-CD is only one track, I’m inclined to believe that it won’t work.

Either rip to WAV + CUE or find another image format that works with Audio-CD’s.


If you’re trying to backup a copy of the cd use nero>copy cd


I have exactly the same issue. I’m not trying to copy the cd - in that case the copy option in Nero really does the job, but I’m trying to make backups of all my audio cds on a server. Just as this thread’s author, I was considering the ISO - but apparently it doesn’t work.

Is there any other way to achieve this? I’m backing up different sorts of cds: data, video and audio. I would prefer all of them to be in the same image format.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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I ran into the same problem! There seems to be no way of just creating a single file like .ISO that can be mounted and played as if it were a normal CD. I’ve installed numerous programs like MagicISO, WinISO, Imageburn, and Nero, but non of them will let you create an image that’s just a single file!!! You can create .bin/ .cue files which works exactly the same, except for the fact that you have 2 files and one doesn’t work w/o the other. I have found a solution, which is a little time consuming, but worth it. First, you must rip the audio files onto your hard drive to whatever format you would like. I prefer FLAC and use Winamp Pro to rip. Works Great! Once you’ve ripped the audio, then you can create a .ISO image. The best program I’ve found for that is ImageBurn, which pretty much the exact same thing as DVDDecrypter. Once you have ImgBurn open, select “Create image file from files/folders” then the rest is self explanatory. It will create a .MDS file along with the .ISO, but it is not necessary. I have deleted this file and mounted the .ISO, played the audio from the .ISO and even burned the .ISO to CD and all work perfectly. Hope this helps some people out. If anyone finds a program that will allow you to do this w/o the ripping process, please let me know! Keep in mind, if you use .FLAC when ripping, that you can only play it on devices that have the .FLAC codec.


Some have touched on this. Can’t make a .iso of an audio cd if it has multiple tracks. You can, however, make a single .gi (global image) file of the audio cd. Unfortunately, this is a roxio specific format. (roxio creator 2012 software).

You can make a .iso of any dvd or data cd.

Someone else mentioned you could “rip” your audio cds into 256KB mp3 files, and make .iso files of those data files.


You can always, either use blindread or cloneCD!


Use IMGBurn. Just select ‘Create image file from disc’ on the main menu. Hit read and your away.

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Only use imgburn if the CDDA isnt protected or CD+/MixedMode!!!


[QUOTE=bcn_246;2614899]Use IMGBurn. Just select ‘Create image file from disc’ on the main menu. Hit read and your away.

  • Ben[/QUOTE]
    ImgBurn will not create an .ISO with the method above.
    It will create a .BIN , . IMG , or a single .WAV file.
    If you try to create an .ISO file direct from an Audio CD you get this message:

[QUOTE=chef;2617639]Only use imgburn if the CDDA isnt protected or CD+/MixedMode!!![/QUOTE]
A rip with AnyDVD on will take care of copy protection .
You rip to a .bin file which also creates a .CUE file . Then “write” from the .CUE file. to a blank CD -R disc.


As I wrote, I prefer CloneCD and Blindread/write for those jobs.

Never failed me. :wink:


If you want to just create a backup of your cds and don’t want to mount them, just be able to recreate them in the future like I do, try :

To create a backup:

cdrdao read-cd -v 2 --device 1,0,0 --read-raw --datafile imagen.bin imagen.toc

To recreate the cd:

cdrdao write -v 2 --device 1,0,0 --speed 4 --buffers 64 imagen.toc

If you are still in the 1980’s and using Windoze, it wont work :frowning:


EAC was going to take 30hours?

Either you were in “paranoid mode” with a slightly screwed up disc
or “secure mode” with a disc that properly belongs in a trash can.

Most discs I Rip to WAV with EAC take <5min.

And I can burn a disc that is indistinguishable from the original (to most software) in about the same time…



[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2632306]EAC was going to take 30hours?[/QUOTE]The whole thing happened roughly seven (7) years ago.

Someone discovered some old commandline software and revived this old, buried thread to let people know that there is some commandline software etc… :bigsmile:



Roped in by another “Fossile thread”…



Hi, did you try isobuster ?rhe free version is able to make iso of protected audio cd’s.


have you tried Magic ISO. it has a format called .UIF that stores Entire Audio CD’s