Newbie help for CD text help

Hey everyone and thanks in advance for the help coming. I have been reading and reading and cant find exactly what I want to solve this. So here it is.
I have Nero 6, WMP, Burrrn (yet to use), EAC - have only done a few burns of CD’s - I have heaps on my hard drive (from backups my mate did for me) - now to get back onto CD’s for kicking around in the car. Car supports CD text. In the hard drive all songs have traack no, song title and artist in the orders i want - when i put this all into Nero, it jigs everything around out of the order it was in and i gotta re-sort - it also doesnt like the way the titles are in the WMA files, so tiles & artist is messed up. What is my best option aside from retyping in the properties and all - as I am not copying all the info I really want to.
Also would like to know if I can access thumbs in folders to be able to print out as a cover. Whilst I am here - can I use the album folder info to print the song titles onto cover as well, instead of writing out?
BTW - Go EyelessinGaza - good postings from ya in here, cheers.
Any Clues to help please?
Thanks peoples :slight_smile:

@ amcjavelinsst, i know what u mean re: nero stuffing the file names. reason why i now only use Sonic Recordnow v4.61 to burn music cds. itz an older version, but it works fine as long as you remember to descend the last audio to the last position - cos it ALWAYS put the last track first ! retard ! anyway, your best to try Burrrn and see what happens. i always use dbpoweramp+powerpack to remove silence and convert the mp3 files to WAV, then i import into Sonic.

yaaaay Eyeless In Gaza to da rescue - haha - Yip, shall give that a burl cheers. Will get all sussed in time - even if I dont get it right this week for the perfect world, at least i can still have cd’s for crossing the nullaboar, with or without text - so shall scoot thru some burrrn manuals tonight and have a squizz at your reccommendation as well - Cheers hey :slight_smile: