Newbie Help for Burning Music

Im quite new to this area. Im interested in buying single tracks to burn onto a CD to play in my car stereo. What i need some guidance in is this:

  1. When you buy a single track, does that track have DRM protection?

  2. What’s the best format to burn onto the CD for it to play on my car stereo. (the car stereo says it is MP3 compatible or CD-R.)

  3. Whats the best program to burn. I have nero 6.1.

  4. Whats the best site to purchase single tracks?

  5. What media do I use? Normal CD-R’s or Music CD-R’s.

  6. Whats the best blank media to use? I know Taiyo Yuden dvd-r’s are the best. Do they apply to CD-R’s as well?

  7. Any other issues I should know about?

THanks much.

1= most likely depends on where you get it…
2= mp3 then if thats what your car supports
3= nero will do fine (not the best but if thats what you have)
4= matter of opinion many are saying (no DRM) are cheapest others include itunes (DRM)
5= normal will do fine
6= yes use good quality ie TY
7= Watch out for fake sites

Nero has option to burn CD-R audio file. If I choose that option, it will burn to CD-R and will play on a car stereo with CD-R support right?

What format is best for quality? CD-R or MP3?

I would go with MP3