Newbie Help: Best FREE software to rip and encode music cd's

Trying to build a compilation of my favorite songs from my CD collection and put in on one audio cd’s.


  1. What’s the best FREE software to rip cd’s.

  2. What’s the best FREE encoder (cd - wma).

  1. EAC
  2. Windows Media Player 8 or up. Disable protection in the settings menu.

I’ve been using Windows Media Player 11 for a few weeks. Seems to work good for ripping cd’s. It automatically puts the disk contents into the library with cover art for you. (As long as the disk is factory pressed.)
You also need to remember that this is still a beta version, but free.

CDex is another nice ripping proggy that I use fairly often.

Try J. River Media Jukebox 8 It’s an awesome, awesome program that can do a lot and it’s free.

You will love this program.

And don’t use WMA.

I second the vote for CDex. Haven’t used EAC but I want to try it out sometime.