Newbie HDMI Question


Please excuse this question, but since everything is carried through the
HDMI Cable. Then why underneath it does it Audio Inputs.

The only thing I can think of is if you have DVI to HDMI.

Why does WHAT have audio inputs??? Please be more specific on what you are asking

If your looking on your TV then its there because not all sources can generate audio over the hdmi cable (mainly older nVidia pc graphics cards etc).

And if you mean your new HD-DVD player, it is because not all users have audio/video hardware that supports HDMI and/or audio decoding over HDMI. So those users can output standard audio from the player.

Some of the newer HP monitors have built-in speakers and a HDMI input. If you use one of their cpus that doesn’t have a HDMI output then you will need that audio input for the speakers. Maybe that’s what he’s referring to.