Newbie HD resolution question



As I understand it there are two resolutions of the HD format : 720p and 1080i/p. My question is : Which of these resolutions are the current HD-DVD and BlueRay disc movies recorded in ?


They should be 1080p from what i’ve heard. Maybe i’m wrong … because I don’t have any here yet.

Some info here.


I suppose 1080 progressive, and then u have hardware and AASC limits and stuff, so I chose to stay clear for now. There are presently DVD players that can upscale to 1080p as well as some alternative formats, HD EVD and HD VMD which have a chance to take a lead.


IIRC, 720p is mostly used so far.

But it differs from studio to studio.


1080p is actually not in the standard. It’s just we have devices that are only capable of progressive display (LCD, mainly). So, to be true HD, it’s 720p and 1080i.


So, a true HD Disc contains data for bothe 720p and 1080i ?


Doubt it does, i still think it has only one - either one. If it’s 1080i, i don’t see any reason why it can’t be downscaled to 720p … you won’t gain any quality advantage the other way though



BD is 1080p. Movies like the last Star Wars are shot in 1080p.


I sendt a mail to Toshiba and they replied that 1080 seems to become the standard, very few disc’s where recorded in 720. And when it came to interlaced (i) or progressive §, the disc would always be recorded progressive §.


Thanks for the clarification, seems I was right initially …


Nope. What sense would that make?

1080p is becoming more and more the standard because it is standard now in North America. :wink: