Newbie has trouble with standalone Panasonic DMR ES30VS vhs-to-dvd-r recorder

I have been successfully burning DVDs on my laptop for about a month
and I bought a new Panasonic DMR ES30VS to transfer camcorder movies to

I used TDK DVD-Rs. I burned the DVD in “SP mode” in the standalone
system, added a title, clicked the button that says “set the title” and
reviewed the dvd in the Panasonic player. Everything “worked” except
there were no chapter marks. Fair enough. I recorded 6 more dvds
yesterday and tested them all in the panasonic player.

Then I tried to play them on my toshiba home dvd player- did not
recognize the disc. I put them in my computer dvd player- did not
recognize the disc aka “blank disc.”

The Panasonic manual is an ungodly mess. I will spend a few hours
going through it tonight, but until then:

Does anyone know if I need to choose an option to “finalize” the disc
to be readable on the maximum number of different dvd players.

Does anyone know if I can use computer software to finalize the disc or
modify chapter numbers, titles, etc?

Does anyone know of a forum for standalone dvd-recorder users or
panasonic owners?

thanks for any help!!!


Yes, you need to finalize the disc before you can play it.