Newbie h@ll

Just bought and installed the Liteon LDW-411S. The drive didn’t appear to be very friendly to various types of media so I deceided to upgrade the firmware to FS0H.

Here starts the problem. I’m running Win XP and ran the executable that I downloaded. After the installation, the computer automatically rebooted.

To copy DVDs I was using DVD X Copy XPress. After the firmware upgrade and reboot, I noticed that DVD X Copy was not recognizing my DVD Burner.

I went into My Computer and noticed that the DVD burner was now showing as a CD-Rom and that it wouldn’t play the DVD that I had in the drive. When I double clicked on it all that came up was a sub window w/ the DVD files listed. I preformed another reboot of the computer. Now XP will not list either my CD Rom or the DVD burner. Both drives are missing. I cannot even access the drives when attempting to do so in DOS.

When I attempt to access D: or E: it tells me in DOS that the specified drive is not available. Could someone please point me in the right direction so that I can resolve the problem? :confused:

First thing I would is disconect the dvd burner…remove ide cable and power plug…unconnect and reconnect the cdrom drive and reboot…does the cdrom show up properly can you access it…

Then reconnect the burner and reboot…does it now work…

If cdrom does but dvd burner fails …get mtkfalsh in thread above with liteon tools and flash the drive back to previous firmware and start over…

it is possible the firmware flash in winxp went bad and the drive needs to reflashed in DOS…

Also it is possible when you flashed in winxp the firmware was flashed to cdrom drive … you have to becareful to make sure your are flashing the correct drive

Its crazy. I’ve removed both and attempted to boot up with only one drive installed at a time.

When I booted up w/ one drive at a time, they both were on the primary end of the ide cable and set to Master. Neither were seen by the computer.

When I flashed the f/w of the 411S, I took special notice to make sure that I flashed the f/w of the correct drive (My normal CD Rom is a Liteon also).

Do you think my best corse of action is downgrading f/w and starting over?

your problem sound similar to mine. What type of motherboard/chipset do you have?

I havn’t checked yet. This just started last night.

Oh, sorry. I’m talking about your motherboard, which doesn’t really have anything to do with your 411s. Anyway, nForce chipsets apparently cause problems, and I was wondering if there was a connection here.

Don’t know. But I’ll check for grins tonight and let you know if I find anything. :wink:

can you get either drive recognized…what firmware is currently on the cdrom…make sure it is not for the 411s

Also try a new ide cable…seems strange but I have seen a bad ide cable cause your issues…

No, I can’t get either drive recognized by the machine. I can’t tell what f/w is on the CDRom because I can’t get it recgonized by the PC. I’ll try the new IDE cable, but I’m kinda suspecious because both drives worked fine before the 411s f/w upgrade.