Newbie -- GTA3 Disk 2 Burning!

Ive burnt CD1 ok, and appeared to burn CD 2 Ok… but whenever i try as use the disk it wont work, begins loading, but then i get the standard windows xp, program error, then error reporting screen. What am i doing wrong… im reading about all these different methods, normally i dont have any ploblems!

Im using a HP CD Writer PLUS (no sure of the model number or what it support, and HP Support is unable to even tell me the model number as “they dont know”) hope someone can help me. Thanks!

Liamg :smiley:

Just use the search button which you can find on the top right of the page and put “gta” as a search key - i’m sure you will find 87 results-threads!! (believe me i just did that :wink: )

For starters, check this thread out …