Newbie Getting set up to Backup

Hey Freaks…I’m new at all this stuff ( 6 months) I wanted to check with some of the more experienced people out there if the products I’ve purchased
are adaquate for a newbie. I have a good computer with lots of bite and bang and added a BenQ 1620 along with anyDVD, 1Click/copy to DVD and use Verbatim DVD+R for media. I must say I love the BenQ but have been through 4 of them in 6 months. They always replace them without any hassel
but since I live 300 miles from the nearest dealer it means I always have to send my whole hard drive in via courier and therefor am down for several days at a time. They assure me that this is nothing that I am doing wrong…just a
poor inspection process on the part of Benq. I"m thinking of addeding at least 1 or 2 more burners to my system so I don’t have to send it in a often.
I have read some comments from other’s on the forum with same problems.
I’m in Love with the BenQ 1620 when it works however. Is there anything
better out there that I should be doing or is this just an evil that I must learn to live with. I would really be greatful fo any advice or suggestions that would improve my system and my situation. Thankyou in advance to anyone who can help me.

I would look into getting a NEC or an LG as a second drive. Both of those seem to be good reliable drives.


If you can find a NEC nd-3500a - it is probably one of the most bullet proof and reliable drives for current uses IMO-


I think if I’d been through 4 in six months then I wouldn’t even consider buying another.