Newbie Flashing Question?

This will probably sound idiotic to most of you, but I’ve never “flashed” the firmware on any of my drives before, so I’m a little concerned about doing it (although after reading thru this forum, it seems to be a weekly event for some people), and had a few questions before I took the plunge. First a little backup info, I’ve got a Liteon 811s running WinXP Home. Recently I bought pack of Ritek G04 –R’s and couldn’t burn them. Tried two at 4x and both failed early in the burn process, then tried one at 2x and same result. I’ve had good success with a number of other Media including Khypermedia +R and –Rs, Imation +Rs, Fuji +RW, so I thought a firmware upgrade might be in order. I was planning on just going straight to the Liteon site and downloading their latest firmware upgrade, which I believe is DR8HSOQ. From the site directions, it looks like all I have to do is download the .zip file, extract the executable and run it.

Is there anything else I need to consider or do before performing this upgrade? It also said to verify the model number by opening the case and physically reading the label stuck on the top of the drive, but the drive is recognized by Nero and DVDShrink as a LDW811S, so is opening the computer really necessary? I’d really appreciate a little help and advice is possible (and quickly, I’d like to try this this weekend). Thanks, Mike

No, opening the case won’t be necessary. Flashing this Liteon drive is as easy as extracting the self-contained flasher from the zip file then running it. If you did not buy the drive in a retail box, then your drive may be OEM, and it would have a firmware version that does not fit with the HS0# naming scheme that Liteon uses for their retail drives. If this is the case, then the flash tool will refuse to flash your OEM drive because you’re supposed to get support from the OEM reseller. It is possible to modify the flasher so that it will flash your drive anyways by using FlashFix.

I believe mine is OEM (I think it was a Pacific Digital?)…so what is the easiest way to flash it to the latest firmware? What is FlashFix, where would I get it and what do I do with it? Do I still use the Liteon .exe file? Thanks!