Newbie firmware troubles

hey guys…new to posting but ive been a lurker for sometime. absolutely brilliant forum btw. :bow:

anyways finally got my 3500 and am having trouble upgrading the fw. i tried using NECwinflash to up the fw to liggy’s beta8…however when i initiate the flash process, winflash just hangs. i’ve also gone the win32 route and again when i start the process after the disclaimer…it just hangs. :a

anyone have insight on what the problem is or what i am doing wrong?

i appreciate the help


Make sure the drive does not contain a disc.
Make sure to close all CD/DVD apps such as Kprobe, DVDIdentifier, etc.

If you still can’t flash in Windows, use the DOS flasher.


You can also do it within windows with a “winrar” or “zip7” program - do a google search to find one - install it - and then click on the firmware .rar and the flashing firmware should be there - remember to reboot your computer after flashing-


i tried nec3x00a but no dice. the process didn’t hang but after reboot…fw remained @ 2.16

anyone have any idea y this is happening?

btw…using winflash, how long does the flash process last? mine goes halfway and hangs there.


Are you connected through an external enclosure?

no…standard internal fare.

btw as a point of reference…i was able to flash from 2.16 to 2.17 official fw


No clue on what the problem is. I flashed my drive 2.c8 se with winflash and it only took a couple of seconds via IDE. Maybe someone else will have some ideas for you good luck.

What should the steps be if your flashing to an external enclosure. I know the device MUST be connected to the USB2 port. Anything else??


Yes connected through a USB2 or Firewire port. However, most recommend flashing through the IDE port. I had the exact same issues with the winflash hanging when I tried to flash my drive through Firewire but flashed through the IDE fine. I am not sure if I had too many programs opened at the time or not which caused the hang up but after searching the forums I found that most recommend to flash through IDE.

It depends on what chip is used to convert IDE to USB/Firewire. Some don’t let the necessary commands pass through.

dondulah, I ONLY have a laptop computer at this moment so flashing thru the IDE port is out of the question. I’ll give the USB2/Firewire ports a try if I decide to flash the drive.

liggy, I’ll be getting this enclosure here which Netslider said was really good. It’s a USB2/FW combo that uses the Prolific PL-3507 Chipset for both. The company who mfgs this enclsosure is US Micro Labs. Do you think flashing is possible w/o problems is possible thru this chipset or no?

I don’t know any of these external enclosures, so I really can’t say if they will be OK for you. We have a “Lindy” enclosure for our 2500 at work. It has an ALI chipset and flashing worked fine. That’s all I know about enclosures