Newbie DW800A Question...Slow Burns

I have a Khypermedia/Beng DW800A. All was well and the original fw was B2F7. I upgraded to B3D7 from the unofficial firmware site, and when I tried to go 800@822 I got checksum errors.

Using B3D7 I tried burning and the disk froze after 6 hours. I have now downgraded the firmware using the Benq official B2L7 and Nero only reports a 1.5x read and a 1.0x burn using TEON 8x +R media. What else can I check to speed this up.

The drive is installed on the secondary IDE channel as a slave.


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Enable UDMA2, put your source harddisk and burner on different IDE busses.

The two harddisks are on the Primary IDE, and the CD & DVD Burner are on the Secondary IDE. The DVD on Device 1 shows up as PIO-Only even though it is set as DMA. I will try some of the suggestions in other threads to see if I can get it back to DMA.

I will post back if I succeed.

Still no go. Have tried using Control Panel as well as Reg Edit to change settings but still no luck.

Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.

I am all set. My system BIOS was not cofigured correctly for the slave drives. Thanks.