Newbie DVD43 problem with Windows VISTA

Hello. I purchased my copy of DVD Region+CSS a while ago and have been diligently upgrading because the product is so good. I now find however that the DVD43 portion does not work?

This is stopping NERO from working on windows VISTA.
And technically stopping DVD Region+CSS Free as well???

Have downloaded the DVDFab Beta will this fix the problem or is there a new version of DVD Region-+CSS Free which fixes this problem??

Can anyone help?

Sorry to inform you there is no more DVD Region+CSS Free it has been put to rest and no more development is being done on it at this time :frowning:

Thank you sir. Most appreciated.

Do you know of any other product which will disable the Region check, that will work on Vista?? by any chance.

Try 'Free DVD" gotten here:

I believe bill.broom was talking about one that works in the background the same way region free does :rolleyes: