Newbie - DVD-R questions



I want to copy family vcr tapes to a DVD-R disk. How can tapes be edited before copying? (you know, get the feet and sky out)or can they be edited later on disk?
Must you copy all at one time or can another session be added later?
Appreciate any help. Thanks

UPS! Sorry: I have a Sylvania DVD Recorder with Video Cassette recorder.


This is probably the wrong forum for this question, since your recorder is a <minus> format machine.

However, you can edit VCR footage before transfer to DVD, but you need relatively expensive equipment. It is much easier to do, and you will find more advice on, doing any editing once the video has been digitised in MPEG2 format either on a hard disc or DVD. Some editing programs will let you edit your digitised video directly on the disc if you have used a rewriteable (-RW in your case), otherwise if you used a write-once disc (-R) the video will need to be copied to a writeable medium first. For both these options, however, you need a PC, seeing as you already have a non-HDD recorder.

DVDs are not recorded as ‘sessions’, but you can add mutiple titles to the same disc at different times. However you must finalise when you have completely finished with a disc, after which you cannot add any more.

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by “get the feet and sky out”. Literally editing out the content of the top and bottom of certain sections of video in a continuous sequence is going to be difficult for someone not familiar with even consumer-level equipment.