Newbie- discid or dvdid.xml?

I’ve tried to search here and other sites but it’s like a fire hose.

I’m making backups of my dvds and storing the files on a large HD. The ripper I’m using- DVD Fab doesn’t seem to grab the disc id info and store it with the movie. Is there an automated way to do this?

My goal is to allow MCE and or other devices like a Netgear EVA have access to the files with Movie info and cover art. I’ve seem and have used the site… very slow, doesn’t have all, user required to choose “correct” match…etc.

Also, the files are stored as vobs- is there a better way/format to use?

Many disks are not labelled - just DVDVIDEO. Sometimes there is text data in VIDEO_TS.IFO labelling the disk ID and provider ID, but not always.