Newbie curiosity

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I have just stared using Nero Vision Express 3 in order to put my downloaded
hdtv rip avi files onto a DVD5 (single layer). Howevery when making a DVD
and adding on one file let’s say (CSI Miami eps 1x01) which is only 350 mb from hdtv rip, the Nero Vision Express 3 program allocates like 3 giga bytes from this single file. !!! this seems a whole lot, of course the avi clip is for 45 minutes , but still. How can I put more 350mb files on one DVD5 with this program???

thank you very much fro helping


Please dont ask for help in putting your ill gotton files onto disk. If you like the program then please buy it when it comes out on DVD or VHS.

The rules can be found i my sig please take a few moments to read through the again before posting again.

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