Newbie - Creating a sampler DTS and Dolby Digital Disc?


I would like to create a disc with about 10 5 minute scenes from a few different movies. I have the original DVDs and would like to copy just a scene or two from each. I would like them in full video and audio quality - DTS or DD- all channels from the original disc.

I’m sure it is possible but I’m wondering if there is a reasonably easy way to do this? I currently have Nero 7 Premium, dvd43, 1click and I just downloaded XILISOFT DVD RIPPER. If I can do it with the software I’ve listed great if there is a simple to use different program I should get, please let me know.


With Xilisoft you need to copy DVD to AVI, then go to Windows Movie Maker (or a video editing soft, Sony Vega ext.) and cut out the parts you dont want.