Newbie Copy Problems


I am very new to burning and i have JUST attempted my FIRST copy of a game cd to a blank cd.The problem is that i copied the game cd to the blank cd and it was supposedly sucessful.Then i clicked on the cd drive and it came up JUST like it does on the original cd,the only problem is that it read it and then would not load the game when i clicked on play from the main menu of the game.Then i took that cd out and tried the original cd and that cd loaded fine.I used a program called BLINDWRITE.I aslo have other prgrams like PROFILER,CLONYXXL,CLONECD,DAEMON TOOLS and a few others>I just dont know how to use them! .Also how do you disable the AUTORUN feature on your comp?THE GAME I AM TRYING TO BACK UP IS SHADOWS OF UNDRENTIDE AND I BOUGHT IT IN THE USA.AS TO THE QUESTION FROM BLACKWOLF ABOUT WHAT CD WRITER I AM USING I AM NOT SURE I UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION OR HOW TO CHECK.BUT LIKE I SAID I USED THE BLINDWRITE PROGRAM TO READ AND WRITE IT IF THATS WHAT YOU MEAN.ANY NEW SUGGESTIONS?LATER

if u try searching, u’ll find a lot of information on copying/protections/etc.

Nebulas it could be as simple as your hardware or settings . what are you using to read and write with what media, settings you used,what game tring to backup, what software ,as was stated by AZImmortal try a search if that does not help try again with all of above listed.sounds like a safedisc protection when the splash screen stays on.:cool:

First: Welcome to the forum!

It would help others help you, if you included the name of the game that you are trying to copy, the cd writer you are using, and generally what region the game is from, i.e., USA, Europe, etc. Additionally since you mentioned that you have CLONYXXL, you might check the CD for the particular copy protection used. First however, I agree with AZImmortal that you should SEARCH the various forums on copy protections and the programs, like BlindWrite, used to backup these games. Good luck and again, welcome to the forum.

Hello Nebulas. Windows device manager will tell you about your writer. Knowing your writer is essential as not all writers are able to make backups of protected games.

A search for “Shadows of Undrentide” yielded 5 topics. Some should be of help be of help to you. You need to read those threads first and narrow your question down. The best help that anyone here can give you, other than the drive manufacture identification information, can be summed up in one word: SEARCH!