Newbie - changing bitsetting w/o firmware

Sorry if this has been asked before guys, I’ve bin trawling through with some confusion.
I don’t really want to mess with my 3500 too much because a) I’m new to this and b) I’m luvvin the drive BUT…

…i’ve been having problems getting other DVD-ROM drives to read my DVD+DL data disks :sad: , so I figure I need to enable bitsetting to DVD-ROM right?
Is there a way i can do this without messing with the firmware, and preferably Permanently?
(i have nero 6601 BTW)


what firmware are you using? If you are using the original firmware you cannot change the bitsetting, take a look at where you can check which firmware has the ability to change bitsetting, if you want my advice use the 2C8SE that has all you need.

Should be possible to change this setting by using WinBType or Binflash. There are several links to both programs in this forum.

That’s not 100% correct. Dan wants to bitset double layer discs and this is supported by every 3500 firmware as far as I know.

Does the firmware have automatic bitsetting to -ROM for -DL already, though?

I’m not sure. Depends on the firmware again I think. Either 2.0x is automatic -ROM and 2.1x is not or vice versa.


Thanks for you help guys, i guess i need to firstly try the two programs you mention and failing that look at the firmware via that link (it is standard firmware currently).
I’ll report back my findings later in the week.