Newbie....can't decide which Burner!



I have spent HOURS here trying to guage the best burner from these three.

NEC ND-3520A
LG GSA-4163B

I just want to burn movies. Im looking to play them on the PS2 mostly (a version 2 PS2 no less), so I know I need -R (and if DVD-ROM works, its a bonus). There are so many arguments for each writer, its impossible to decide. The BenQ has good firmware support and overburning, and I like the disk scanning utility. However, the NEC has a good reputable history, and the LG sounds really good too.

Once and for all, for us newbies…whats the one to get?


This really has been beaten to death and alot of regulars are sick of this, if there were one ultimate drive to get it’d be stickied up at the top and everybody who knows anything about burners would own one, you wouldnt go wrong with any of those burners youve chosen now go and search about each one and make your choice, thats the best advice i can give you.


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Mr. Brownstone is right. You also say lots of good points about the Benq - i think this is you answer!


You said you read for hours trying to decide then you know that the response you are gonna get may confuse you even more lol.

you can’t go wrong with either one. If you use dvd-ram then get the LG

I wont go into which is better, or which is a better + or - writer because in my opinion they are all good.

if you read then you know the little advantages one has over the other and vice versa.


Thanks for the responces. I appreciate it all, and I am sorry if it has annoyed any members.


Since the 3500A is not on your list, my vote is for the BenQ 1620.


From those three my pick would be:

  1. LG GSA-4163B
  2. BENQ DW1620
  3. NEC ND-3520A


wants an LG himself to add to the collection… Until I know more about the LG-4163B and see it in action with my own eyes I’d say:

  1. BenQ DW1620A
  2. NEC ND3500AG
  3. LG GSA-4163B
  4. NEC ND3520A

I only place the LG ahead of the 3520A because of what I’ve been reading about both drives, the LG seems like a good choice. But then I’ve always liked Goldstar products. (LG is a Goldstar brand still right? hehe)