Newbie(but oldie) needs pointers

I have downloaded Clonecd and ColnyXXL and I am trying to copy a Harry Potter CD. If I use ColnyXXL to try and determine what copy protection is on the CD I do not seem to get any answer from it. I downloaded the profiles from this site and installed them in CloneCD and copied after choosing game CD but still no luck. CD coped and ran through the install o.k but error when I tried to run the installed game.
I have tried different forms of copying with Clonecd but none are working as I am not doing some thing right!!! and my wife is not to pleased about the number of coffee coasters I am making. :slight_smile:
Visited the site to download yaps but site not opening up.

Can some one help a Father get his daugter off his back



What writer do you have?

Perhaps try Alcohol 120%

Sorry should have said

Running WinXP with an LG GCE-8480B Writer

harry is supposed to be safedisc 2.8, which clonecd will only emulate at this time, if i remember correctly.

I need to know which harry potter game you have…I know what you are going through …with you daughter This is a good site although it is in german

do a search on forum for discdump and burnatonce!
these are suppose to be able to burn SD2.8 protection!:wink: !