Newbie - Burning Dvd's

I’m very new to this, and could use some help!

I’d like to be able to burn dvd’s but not sure what software (preferably freebie) can compress large dvd files without compromising the quality of both image & sound.

I’m currently using Sonic, which detects copy protected dvd’s, so I need something that can compress, bypass the CP, and burn.

Any and all help is appreciated, and forgive my ignorance but again… I’m new to this.

Sonialei77 :smiley:

i am also new to this game , I’ve been using dvdshrink and dvd decryptor both within your price range …free. both work great

Dvd shrink is probably the most popular by far. As you learn, you may also want to get Dvd Rebuilder if you want better quality compression. For more dvd rippers get ripit4me, dvdfab decrypter, and dvd decrypter. All of the programs are free, check the tools section over at for links and guides. If you want free burning software get Deep Burner. Here’s some guides:

Hey everyone! I’d been using dvd shrink to downsize on the size of the files, but I recently had to download it again because my pc had crashed and all of a sudden it does NOT work… regardless of where I download the file from it installs nicely but I never get to use it… what’s going on?

I am still learning as I go, and just need a freeware software that can “Shrink” the file down without loosing quality… any suggestions?