Newbie burning DL image

Hello, I am trying to burn a Double-layer image (.nrg), but for some reason when I go through Burning ROM and choose Image, then add all the files till it gets to 8. GB and make the image, it shows up as 4.33GB.

Why would that be? Does anyone know how to make it work? I’ve been through the manuals but they dont seem to have been updated with DL knowledge. I have updated Nero to the latest version (Nero- and am using a DL drive.

Cheers for any help.


Why do you add files? All you have to do is Recorder/Burn Image… and then point Nero to the NRG file.

Sorry, my english is not so good. It is when I am trying to create a Nero image via the Image Recorder option that this problem pops up.

Is DVD9 selected in that box at the bottom when you add the files?

Hello strachan,

Yes, the R9 option is selected at the bottom of the screen. I have found a workaround for this, in burning a file via the ISO format, rather than NRG. Thank you for your help.