Newbie Blues - DVD Copy

So. I bought a new PC with a DVD burner yesterday.:bigsmile:

I went to back up a DVD I own, using DVD Xcopy Xpress. It got nearly all the way through and then said Error Occurred Reading Sectors! Data: 195/192. :frowning:

I assumed this had something to do with encryption, so I went online and downloaded DVD Decrypter. I ran the DVD through that program and got a nice set of 14 files that play on my pc. :cool:

Then I tried to use the Record Now! software that came with the puter to make a copy of the folder: Too Big. :eek:

I went back online and downloaded DVD Shrink and ran the original DVD through that program and got another very playable PC movie. Once again I tried to make a copy with Record Now!, this time it did my bidding with no complaint.:smiley:

And then … I tried to play it in my DVD player. DISC ERROR. :a

What is wrong here? Did I miss a step? Was I supposed to convert the file types? How? Could it just be a coincidental problem with the original disc? Is there some reason my DVD player wouldn’t accept files created by DVD shrink??? :confused:

I didn’t buy pc speakers yet (didn’t know I had to), so I don’t know for sure that the audio works on the pc movie; I’m assuming it does.

As you know, this takes hours and hours of time. So, having spent $1163.70 and 17 hours, I’m a little frustrated to have dip in the way of results. Please remember if you give advice, I’m a total non-starter with this stuff, so make it moron friendly. Thanks for any help. :bow:

Things to try.[ul]Does the copied DVD work in the PC? If yes then its a problem with the dvd player.
What media are you using -/+? Minus is usually better than + for set top boxes but not always.
Did you recieve any errors whilst burning it may just be a bad copy?
[/ul] From what you have posted you seem to have done everything correctly so don’t give up just yet.

I completely agree with Johnboywaltons bost…but a couple other things to consider…

  1. media matters, As the the above post says…is the dvdr a + or -, it does count on set top boxes sometimes…

  2. are you using good media? Blank disks are not all the same, and some burners and set top boxes are very picky about the quality of the blanks you burn on

you can use the search button to find more about quality blanks vs crappy ones…you may even be surprised that you pay as much or more for crap blanks…:slight_smile:

Good luck and keep us posted…

to both of you. Yes, the burned dvd disc plays just fine on my computer - soundless only for lack of speakers, I assume. It’s a Memorex DVD+R. (that’s what the puter says to use. I figure a DVD-R won’t record in my system (DVD+RW/CD-RW), is that true?) I found a website that lists dvd player compatability that might help me, as I am pretty sure now the problem lies with the DVD format and it will be cheaper to buy a new player than a new pc … Ok … so I could have backed up my entire DVD library with a brand new copy and still come out about $700 ahead, but … That’s how they getcha. Sigh. Again, thanks for the advice. --hey, any thoughts on Really shrinking the files, maybe cutting to just the main movie, and burning to CVD?

Regarding the media type. Most new burner are dual format capable (can burn both -R and +R). What is your model of DVD burner?

it’s a Ricoh DVD+RW MP5240A.

Ahhhh. Indeed it only burns +R/+RW media.
If your player cannot play +R/+RW then you have no choice but to get a new one. The good side is almost all new players (even the cheapo’ ones) play +R discs.
If you check in my sig you will find a link to a player database. Just search for the player in question and verify it works with +R discs before you purchase (although it should also say on the box when you buy it).

Actually it might even be a good idea to search for the player you have now to check if it indeed does not work with +R to verify it’s the players fault on not the PC’s.


For what it’s worth, have a family member I got indo “burning” and same proplem…he did all the steps…no playon his set top boxes…(he had 3 old zenith ones). Bought a $40.00 cheapo new set top…it play his burned disks like a champ…:slight_smile:

As for shrinking / editing…dvd shrink is a great program this endeavour…:slight_smile: