Newbie - best dvd-r dl media for an 810UL



I just got the Sony 810UL and want to try DVD-R DL. They’re only available on-line, big bucks and it seems they just became available. Does anyone have recommendations what will work best.

Thanks - Jeff


i suspect you mean +r DL? verbatims are always reccomended. I’m not sure if the scans will relate, but these are the sort of results i get on my 800UL with various media (tuff disc-terrible, bulkpaq-acceptable,ricoh-good, verbatim- very good):


No, it’s dvd-r dl. For some reason, experts call +R dl a “double layer” and the -R DL is called a “Dual Layer”. My DVD player only supports the minus system and I want to burn a DL disc so I need -R DL.

I also discovered this media is so new that none of the superstores (BestBuy, Circuit City) carry it but there are several on-line vendors that do. So far, it looks like Verbatim and Ritek are the only ones available.


You are sure that you standalone/dvd player only supports -R DL?

Who told you that??


It’s a Denon 1710 (an entry level unit). It says only use -R in the manual and I called Denon tech support as well. They confirmed.


Then you should be able to feed it with an +R booktyped to DVD-ROM anyway.
Most burners do this by standard these days to increase the compatiblity of this DL media with drives & standalones.

PS: Bad medisupport:


I’m not sure if I understand what you’re saying: Does the coding need to be changed on the Denon DVD player or am I burning a +R DL but tricking the Denon into thinking it’s a -R DL?

Is there a step by step procedure I can follow?


If your burner/firmware/software supports that you can bitset the +R DL to DVD-ROM.


Wow - it works. Everything I read indicated the +R and -R [U]manufacturing [/U] technology and [U]reading [/U] technologys are different. In fact, Denon told me to not insert a +R in my DVD player as it only reads -R.

I purchased some Verbatim +R and Verbatim +R DL media. The booktype was set to DVD-ROM and every one I burnt worked. Incredible.


A Happy Ending.