Newbie basics

I’ve just started, or will be starting, to burn dvds, and was looking for a basic guide on burning dvd’s with movies downloaded off the internet.
I really don’t know where to start…
What format of movie should I be downloading?
Do i need to convert it to a dvd format? and what is that format, what do I use etc…
what is the best option to acheive high quality,

all I have atm is a burner, and need the basic Know-how … any help would be appreciated… Thanks!

also, I’ve heard that it’s impossible to get good quality on a dvd from a movie downloaded off the internet, is this true?


  1. First you need a program to convert AVI,MPEG1/2,DVIX and any other format.Alot of people use a program called DIVXtoDVD that converts your formats into DVD files.Then you need another program called DVDSANTA that burns your DVD files to disk…thus creating a DVD movie…All of the above programs are so easy to use and you cant go wrong with them…
  2. Answer to your second question…
    You will always lose a percentage of quality when downloading/copying you will never get the exact quality as the origianl DVD film itself but you will get a good quility film

Hope that was some help for you
Danny G



If you download a 700mb avi file then yes it will be shoddy quality… If you download a 4.7gig ISO file of a film u probably wont be able to notice the difference between that and the original

Think this is the most important statement regarding the quality of the downloads. If you download an image of a (of course copyright free!) DVD, there will be no loss of quality. As soon as you download a file that is significantly smaller than that, a compression was applied and you will notice some loss of quality (the level of quality loss depends on the level and method of compression used).