Newbie - Basic Windows XP Question

Newbie here - I hope this is an appropriate forum.

I saved a bunch of mp3s to a CD-RW data disc using Nero. When I view the contents of the disc using Windows Explorer, I cannot see any details besides file name, type, date and size, even when I specify them on the details options options. When I copy the files back to my hard-drive - the detail info is again visible.

What gives?

My problem is that the view of the mp3s on the CD-RW is sorted by file name and is therefore a total jumble - I can’t organize them by artist, title, album, track #, etc.

Please help - even if it is only to suggest another forum for this question.

Thanks, brooklynspo - Norwalk, CT USA


Strange. I never noticed that before. I just looked on a CD that had some MP3’s and I don’t get the ID3 and ID3v2 tag information that is shown when I view my MP3 folder on my hard drive. Maybe when you burn the MP3’s there is a option to include that information. I am just taking a long shot guess but it seems plausible. I also looked at the options for the CD drive itslef as well as in Windows Explorer and have found nothing.

One last thing, please don’t bump threads. This thread has 89 views and just maybe, no one actually had a answer and I am just taking a wild guess which is probably way off of the mark.