Newbie basic questions

Hi this is by first posting as I have only just come across this product. I have read several postings & the software makers website but I still have a few basic questions.

1./ Does the program support dual layer disks as well as single?

2./ Can more than 2 complete DVDs be put onto a disk?

3./ I’m assuming that if you can put 2 complete DVDs with onto a disk that you would have to at least create an introductory page which gives you the option of branching off to the normal start of either one DVD or the other. Correct?

4./ I have authored several home DVDs from scratch all of which have there own motion menu’s etc. Would this program be suitable to put several of these old holiday DVD;s onto one disk?

  1. Layers appear only when disk is burned on DVD. Once you rip them to hard-drive single- or double-layered disks are not any different. DvdReMake Pro can work with both.

  2. Pro version can merge up to 4 disks.

  3. This start-up menu is created by the program automatically. You can customize it if needed.

  4. yes.

Take a look at this for more details:

Thanks for reply. That’s sounds great. Now if only we could have chapters, menus, subtitles etc with MPEG4 files it would be even better.