Newbie backup copy question

I am trying to back up my copy of MOHAA, as my young son also uses my computer I am worried the original may get damaged.
I am using the latest clonecd4 I believe it is. I have also downloaded clonnyxxl to assist in settings. Anyway after burning an image on my HD, which appears to go without any problems.When the actual burning starts it also goes without problems. However nothing is being copied, the disc is empty after burn. Still a good disc, not a coaster. I have noticed the image file is larger than what the cd says it is when you check properties. The original says it is 626MB, when I check my image file folder I have 3 files : one is 786KB, two is 29.3 MB, and the third is 719MB. Are there cdr’s big enough for this? Someone please help me. I am using a Mitsumi CR4804TE burner.

it is normal for the image files [3 files] to be bigger than 700mb - don’t worry about that:- when u burn to the CD it will be th e correct size.

MOHAA has SAFEDISK 2.51.xx protection, any will only be copied if your writer can write emf bit patterens perfectly - the 4804te burner can’t do this! you need a liteon or Asus…

even with the 4804te burner, the disc shouldn’t be empty - what quality media are you using?
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the cd’s I am using are Imation. I took the MOHAA over to a friends house to produce a copy on his Lite On. the disc appeared to go well.when I tried to install the game , I uninstalled my original installation with original disc, the new installation went fine. however now when I try to play the game it asks me to reinsert the cd in my drive. I’ve thought about using one of those No CD/exe files . After i downloaded the file it has an odd file extension…ACE??? How do I get this to work…any advice would be appreciated…thx

The use of such patches is illegal, even when you own the original.

Have you read the many threads on MOHAA in our CloneCD forum. The backing up of this game has been discussed in great detail several times, perhaps you can find what you need to know in one of those threads…

suggests the hide cd-r media tab

go to the clone cd forum and read the stickey on copyinf SD2.51 protected games. the SD 2.51 protection also has ATIP checks [search for more info. ] which in a nutchell means the GAME copy will only play in a CDrom or DVDrom but [u]not[/u] a cd writer (u can install off any drive) - if you only have a CDwriter drive, enable the HIDE CDR MEDIA option on the clonecd tray like said abouve ^^^

hide cdr media? it says this option is disabled in USA? what can I do about that? Am I just outta luck here? yes all I have is 1 drive , being a cdr drive. like I said though, I made the copy on a friends pc.

migrate to canada :wink:

Originally posted by ckin2001
migrate to canada :wink:
yes; or trick clone cd into thinking ur not in the usa by going to:
control panel------>reigonal settings ----->change to australlia or somewhere:)

PS - which are the countries that wont allow hide cdrmedia - USa and…??

USA & Japan

, I uninstalled my original installation with original disc, the new installation went fine

Did you remove the old registry entries?

The liteon should have been able to burn a backup of this. The way I did was just fes on and I believe hardware correction. No AWS was turned on either.