Newbie at DVDFab needs help

I am new to using this dvdfab I have the lastest version of the program. I would like to know if it is possible to take a series like Star trek DVd and take eposides that I like and put them on one DVD. I see the merge button on the program. I have taken that function and put the eposides that I like on my hard drive. Now how to I get them to merge to one DVD. Do I have to put them all in the same folder? I am a bit confused could someone show me the right way to merge eposides that are 40 minutes to 50 minutes long, on one DVD. Or this is not posssible with this program?

Hello mrtude42
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The link below will help you, it was done by Signals :bigsmile:

Thanks I will try it I kind of found that link before you sent it to me so I am trying to merge the programs now. But thank you anyways stormjumper

Post back if you have problems. Merge is great for doing “best of…” DVD compilations.