Newbie at alcohol need help

alright so i got a disc and it doesnt work so i extracted everything. I dont know how to run. when i ask someone they just told me to burn it to a disk i dont know what to do i got a img, cdm, cue, and sub i dont know what to do

How about buying the game?

umm i cant rebuy it again because i dont want to i lost the disc and i extracted all the files all whileback

Surely if you made the image you’d be able to write it out again.

Anyways if you are no longer in posession of the original disc we’ll not be able to help you. Some manufacturers offer a replacement policy on damaged discs, you should try them.

Hmm… Seems like the TS edited his post after my comment. The original post started with something like ‘so I downloaded a game…’.

In that case I shall give it the treatment it deserves. :slight_smile: