Newbie asking for some firmware flash advice

Hello everyone,

Since a while I’m the proud owner of a Lite-On LH-20A1P DVD recorder
on the Secondary Master IDE channel a Win98 system (soon to be upgraded to XP).
Nero InfoTool reports that it has firmware version KL02 inside, and I’ve
noticed that newer versions exist, for example KL0G on

I would like to to upgrade the firmware, but I haven’t done it before yet,
and firmware flashing always carries an inherent risk with it.

I’ve studied the excellent topics on this forum and
and I think I have to do the following:

  1. use LtnFW make a backup of the current firmware, “just in case”
  2. use mtkflash under DOS mode as “mtkflash 3 r /b /m KL02.bin” to make another backup
  3. execute the EXE flasher contained in the file from
  4. use LtnRPC to make the drive region free (currently it’s region code 2)

My questions:

  • is the above correct? It looks OK to me but I don’t want to risk a misflash!
  • are the backups produced by LtnFW and mtkflash identical and interchangeable?
  • I also have a Lite-On LTR-52327S CD recorder with firmware QS01.
    Does the above upgrade procedure apply to that drive as well, or are there any
    differences, except for the region code removal of course?

Thanks for giving a helping hand,


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No need for #2. Also get the Eeprom tool and back up your Eeprom.
So back up f/w with Flash utility Thanks pinto2 :clap:
Back up Eeprom with Eeprom Tool 3.6.2,
Flash the drive with the EXE you have from KL0G or get it from Lite-On,
Use LtnRPC for region free.

All tools can be found at the top of this forum.
[B]Above all make sure you have the correct drive selected when using these tools![/B]

I have no idea about your CD drive. sorry

alexz, what ever you do don’t try to back up your firmware with LtnFW because its nogo.

“Does not support 2MB firmwares and writing drives with a serial FLASH.” (linky)
Flash utility can both read and write (uncompressed) firmware.

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The EEPROM backup step mentioned by rolling56 is especially important for the LTR-52327S since there are two different hardware variations. Since your drive shipped with firmware version QS01, it is a first revision drive and the current version available is QS0E. More information here.

Thanks for the good advice people!

I have successfully backed up the EEPROM and firmware of both drives and upgraded the LH-20A1P to the KL0G firmware. LtnRPC also worked perfectly, so that’s region protection system less in this world.

I’ll leave the CD burner as it is for the moment, but it’s reassuring anyway to have a backup of its crucial data.

Once again thank you all for your expertise! :clap:

Just want to make sure people don’t screw up their drives. Happy burning.

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So far, only two DVD recorders have been announced
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Hey Guys :slight_smile:

I’m the proud owner of a new Liteon LH-20A1H drive and wish to make it region free although I’ve also never flashed a drive before. Could someone be kind enough to tell me if I should use similar steps as above? i.e.

[B]1.[/B] Backup firmware with Flash utility v2.0.1
[B]2.[/B] Backup Eeprom with Eeprom utility v3.7.2
[B]3.[/B] Use LtnRPC to make drive region free

Is there anything else I should backup or be aware of before I attempt this? I think I would most likely curl over and die if I killed my drive somehow. :doh:

Any help would be really appreciated!!! :bow:

Welcome to CDF’s

Yes you have it right :clap:

Thanks rolling56 :slight_smile: …I will proceed with cautious optimism

Let us know how it goes. :iagree:

Hey All :slight_smile:
I went ahead and it worked fine …no problems, simple as!

Thanks so much for your help!! :wink:

Thanks for coming back and telling us :cool:

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