Newbie/AnyDVD question



Okay, With CloneDVD2 I am trying to Burn Underworld:evolution. It goes smothly until I get an error (This is my first time attempting this.)

What should I do? I am Using Anydvd.


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Check out DVD make sure it’s clean.


If you mean “clean” By the actuall Dvd Rom, It’s clean. During when I was making my selections, I saw the entire movie in a little box entitled Previews.


He means clean by cleaning the disc.


Okay, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about cleaning the disk using the program. How do I do this?


Yes clean the disc then try to make a copy there is stuff to do this I use a product called disc skip fixer. It will fix the disc if there’s a skip plus it’ll clean it too. After it’s clean then try to proccess the DVD again.


The disc is clean, it is something else that has to do with software. Can someone help?


have you tried ripping with the anydvd ripper and then processing the files in clonedvd2?


You see, I don’t know anything. I’ll try to figure out how to rip with anydvd ripper and process the files. If you can can you try to post a small step by step tut?


no problem.

with anydvd running right click the fox that chills in the task bar.

click “rip video-dvd to hard disk”

browse to the inserted disc as the “source directory” and browse to an empty folder (or create a folder) for the destination directory. then hit “copy dvd”

let it do its thing…then you have the contents of the disc on your hard drive.

now open up clonedvd and instead of browsing to the source disc, browse to the ripped files you just saved and see if it will process them this time.


Are you using the latest anydvd 6011 and what version of clonedvd ?? What writer and firmware ?? and specs. of your computer ??


I am using anydvd 6011 and Clonedvd 2899. I ma currently letting it do its thing I have about 35 minutes left and its 9 percent done.

Well, I dunno exactly what you mean (Stupid :P) Can you explain further?


he’s asking what model of dvd burner you have (for example i have a BenQ 1655)

and he’s asking what firmware you have installed (mine’s BCDB)

to check firmware you can use nero cd-dvd speed. next to the drive name in the drop down box it should indicate the drive’s firmware.


Look up at his or her screenshot, I believe the AnyDVD fox icon should be red not grey, he probably has AnyDVD disabled. Maybe thats the problem.


holy crap you’re right!

right click the fox and make sure “enable anydvd” is checked!! otherwise you’re not doing any decrypting!!

good catch alan!


I would have thought you would have caught this before me reasonsnorules, sometimes the obvious is the hardest thing to find.


Nope, I turned it off after the error showed up thats not the problem


He is a her Alan1476. LOL I guess you just overlook this one reason’s since it happens alot huh. Anyway no biggy it was just the second time I saw this in a post.


Why would you disable the program? Reboot and try doing a movie only ( the first option in CloneDVD2) and let us know.


AGGHHG I get a read error When I try to save to harddrive with ANYDVD