Newbie AnyDVD & different region DVD's



Howdy, I’m (obviously) a newbie forum member; I want to know how to burn a Region 2 DVD for use in a Region 1 DVD player (not just on my computer). I’ve got AnyDVD, but don’t really understand how the more “advanced” functions work, or if this is even possible. If someone can direct me to a thread about this or give me some pointers, it would sure be appreciated!


If I am not mistaken, you can check the software reigon code box in the feature removal section. Then any disk you burn should be playable on any player, reguardless of it’s region.


Hi, ripit! Thanks for the reply!

OK, I made sure the “software” and “hardware” region settings were checked; I copied the disc but it won’t work in my player, even though it now says it’s “Region Free”.

I looked at the information on the Region 2 DVD and it says it’s “PAL” video format; I looked at a Region 1 DVD and it says “NTSC” video format.

I think that’s the problem, but I don’t know what to do about it. Any thoughts on this?


About all you could do is convert it. I know nero can convert from pal to ntsc, and would assume that it can do the reverse. I have never done it dvd to dvd though. I’m not sure what the proceedure would be as fars as when to compress (if it is larger than dvd-5) and when to convert. You might have to us nero express to convert and then recode to compress. It seems that someone was using recode to do dvd to vcd with recode, so maybe recode can convert and compress, though I could not find any settings for pal or ntsc output selection. I am of course just using nero as an example as that is what I use. I’m sure that thier are many programs that can do it, and thier are probably some free ones.
doing a quick search, it looks like you have to dissasemble the dvd. Basically you can convert the video not do it retaining menues etc.


Hi :slight_smile:
In the UK most recent players will play multi region & if this is the case they will play “PAL” or “NSTC” All you need to do is set output to “auto” or “pal”
With computers your s/w will do this ie: PowerDVD
By default AnyDVD sets region 1 USA / CANADA
& simulates Hardware Region Code : RPC2 drive with matching region
DVD’s backed up in this way have been played in Canada USA Europe Middle East Australia & Far East on my travels using local facilities
If your back ups play on your computer & it tells you they’re multi region but then they wont play on your DVD player then its the DVD player that has the problem To further this is the case try a mate’s player ( if your player will play the original region 1 / 2 disc it might be s/w related but recording & not AnyDVD If so let us know There might some other s/w we can suggest)


Hi, Zebadee!

Thanks for the reply! Well, I found a switch on my DVD player that said PAL, but it won’t play due to the Region Code. It seems that I will have to be content to watch the DVD on my computer, instead of my DVD player…but at least, I’ll be able to watch it! Thanks anyway!