Newbie and novice both



I’ll try not to bother you with too many elementary questions. I love music and am looking to purchase a good burner that produces very good quality music; will probably want to burn movies also. Would you give me a couple of ideas on cd/dvd burners? Also, is one site better than another, when it comes to quality, for downloading your own CD’s / DVD’s? I have seen sites with lifetime memberships and some that charge $.99/song ??

Thank you very much for your input/advice.


Those that charge a flat fee are scams and you will end up being pointed to software you can get yourself, for example eMule or torrent client, and so you face the possability would be breaking the law of your country. Avaoid all that do not allow you to rowse their catalogue unless you have paid a fee these are the main scam tyes.


Thank you very much for taking the time to help inform and protect me.