Newbie and liteon 16x prob



i know…uhm…shit about this whole thing. i got a liton 16x dvd burner for christmas and have hooked it up, had it running and have successfully burned a dvd but it took 11+ hours to burn 2 hours worth of material. its just too rediculious(sp). i have a usb 1.1 and i took it to my friends house who has a 2.0 and it still burned the ssame speed…SLOW! tellme in (1st grade terms) how i can fix it or speed it up please, or else i’m taking it back,lol.



Have you checked to be sure your drives are set to DMA enabled? Is this Lite-On 16X by chance a SOHW-1613 ?. Check the properties shown in windows verses what the label on top of the unit reads. I recently received a SOHW-1613 for Christmas that windows read as a different model. Contacting Lite-On America I was informed that the wrong firmware may have been placed within my burner. They wanted me to send it back to them and wait for them to fix or replace it. I ended up taking it back for a refund, spent a few bucks more at the same store for a Dual Layer model that works great.


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I am presuming this is an external device as you mention USB

USB1 is way to slow for burning a DVD with, you will need to obtain a USB2 card (either PCI if its a desktop or PCMCIA if its a laptop). I dont think your friend has USB2 setup on his PC (XP needs SP1 to use USB2 & it must have a highspeed / Enhanced host listed under USB in device manager)

16x DVD needs a bandwidth of about 220Mbps, USB1 only gives a practical 6Mbps, Even I cant burn at 16x using USB2 due to the overheads in USB2 but some people can, best is 12x. 1x DVD recording needs 13Mb/s which as you can see is way more than USB1 can provide, also when the buffer underrun kicks in the drive will pause while the buffer fills, align itself & then write the buffer out which introduces yet more delay.

Also, what media are you using? Can you use a program to check the media code (e.g. CD Speed from Nero & choose disc info) and report back the code & the make printed on the disc

It is possible as mentioned above that the drive has the wrong firmware on it, although I have yet to come across a failure like this casued by firmware as it usually wont do anything if its flashed incorrectly.

I would like to know what CPU, RAM, Operating System you have to see if it is worth upgrading to get the thing to work.


the operating system is hp 256ram windows xp sp1. it has a usb 2.0 when uploading songs, has speeds of 12x. hope this helps in helping MY problem. thanx



when you say two hrs worth of material, what do you mean? are you copying a movie to the HD then burning or are you trying to copy a dvd from another dvd drive? If you are trying to copy dvd to dvd (on the fly its called) the dvd-rom yor’re copying from can’t relay the data fast enough for the burner so you could be getting buffer underruns which would cause the process to take so long. Its always best to copy a dvd to the hd then burn or if you want to do it on the fly, use a slower speed