Newbie/amateur @ firmware upgrading seeking help

I can’t wait to get the SOHW-812s I just ordered, becuase my DRU-500AX is dying (makes some funny clicking sounds when a disc is inserted, and intermittantly fails to read a disc). I have read soooo much in here about upgrading the firmware to burn DL (It’s like taking a drink from a fire hydrant), and was wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction to view a STEP-BY-STEP how to do this firmware upgrade. I have not done very much firmware upgrading, the last time was on the DRU-500 and it was a nightmare for me. Still trying to remember why every time I tried to run a particular exe that my comp cut off and restarted completely. Had something to do with checking or unchecking a setting but I can’t remember.

Anyway, I will be more than likely upgrading this thing within the next 2 weeks, may even have to find a couple of DVD9-R’s.

What are going to be the things I will have to watch out for?

What impact does the liteon burners have on playability on regular DVD players?

Thanks to any & all who can help me on these things

Hi, and welcome to CD Freaks…

Here’s a (slightly modified) copy-and-paste from one of my previous posts…

1/ Download the VS04 firmware from my website.
2/ Extract it. (see
3/ Download the OmniPatcher (on the patchers page)
4/ Extract OmniPatcher, read the documentation, and run it. Load the VS04 flasher into OmniPatcher.
5/ Make sure that the box labeled as enable-crossflashing is checked.
6/ (optional) While you’re at it, use OmniPatcher to customize the firmware. You can change the allowable burn speeds using the listbox at the top, you can enable autobitsetting with the checkbox in the middle area, etc., etc.
7/ Save your firmware.
8/ Double-click on the firmware that you saved with the OmniPatcher to load the firmware into your drive. Just be careful to select the correct drive before you click on the Flash button.

Thank you very much! Like I was saying, the last time I tried anything like this was on the sony… and every time I tried clicking on the exe, my computer would cold-restart. after a half hour with the sony on-line chat help, they advised me to go somewhere in windows (Icant remember where ) and do one little thing. Also, I had this sony dru on the same cable as a cd-burner, and they told me i would have to make the drive a master with nothing else on that same thing. Can i expect this again?

thanks again

let me add…

I was trying to install neroinfo(?) utility for use in determining particular media information, when i clicked on that, the same cold-restart happened.

Hmm. If it affected both your Sony fw update and your InfoTool install, then it looks like it’ll probably affect your LiteOn fw update, too. Looks like a problem with your system/OS setup. I dunno what to say, as I’ve never experienced this before… you might investigate things like your ASPI installation, etc. Perhaps someone else who sees this thread will be more helpful than me… (you might also try searching forums to see if someone else has had similiar problems before)