Newbie Advise

I have some simple ambitions for a DVD project. I want to be able to make a demo disk with clips of my favorite movies and I need advise on the right tool.

I’ve created my clips (and a finished DVD set) with DVDShrink, but I somehow lost the fast forward and chapter skip abilities. Also DVDShrink does not allow me to create a menu.

Is DVDRemake my salvation or is there another tool I should look at?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you have “Remove P-UOPs” enabled in the Preferences. To skip chapter, there must be chapters already defined in the Title.

You might want to try TMPGEnc DVD Author or Nero Vision Express if you want to create menu. You can also create chapters I think.

Thanks for quick reply, toaddub. I tried Nero Vision Express but could not figure out how to get it to read from the VOB files. It seems to only want to work with avi’s. I think my problem either Nero Express or TMPG is that I don’t know enough to get the clips in the right file format. And thanks for the heads-up on the RemoveP-UOPs. That is check boxed so it must come that way by default. I sure didn’t know what it means… :smiley:

Still open to direction…

NVE 3 and TDA 1.6 do accept VOB files. For NVE3, choose Make DVD. So try again.

Thanks for the direction toaddub. I’ll check it out tomorrow. Hope I didn’t miss something too easy… :confused: