Newbie advice

Hi - just started using blindwrite (so far superb) although being a newbie picked up on various points of security and different problems with CD writers.

In which my question is :-

  1. As well as BW what other tools should I be using ?

  2. Where can I find the recommeded settings for each ?

  3. I have a Liteon 48x12x48 is it time for upgrade ? - Looking at the Plex Premium and Liteon 52x32x52 ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi scollops,

  1. To be able to do…??? BlindWrite is a complete package

  2. Have a look at Alcoholer or Blindwrite Profiler . Though nothing beats the advise from someone who has been able to back up that protection all ready…just use the search

On a side note…Blindwrite 5 (Soon to be released) can autodetect the settings required to get a working backup. All you will need to do is insert cd and hit Copy ( has never been easier!)

  1. From what I read the Liteon 48x12x48 can do it all. Though the Plex Premium is the best drive for secure-rom 4.8xx


PeebZ thanks for the info - The BW Profiler is in German ?, I am assuming the Alcoholer is similar for Alcohol or to provide settings ? :confused:

Ok Checked the BW profiler works in English (cool) whats recommended for Security checking the ClonyXXL seems pretty old version - what about TCCD or something ?

Blindwrite Profiler tells one the settings to be used for each copy protection and can be switched between English and German depending on your requirements as you have found out.

Alcoholer can tell or pass through the settings required for some of the best known duplication software (Achohol 120%, CloneCD, Blindwrite, and Gamejack.
This is my favourite package and it tightly integrates ClonyXXL.

When asked you have an 100% Capable EFM writer.

Umm I think the latest devoloped ClonlyXXL ( can still pick up all current protections …Though im not to sure about all the different protection scanners…anyone want to add…


some good protection detections are on this site …

go to his download sections and you will see some protection scanners there

most of the time i use clonyxxl or yates protection scanner

also welcome newbie …and if you need help all of us here are full of knowledge and dont mind helping …even the mods love to help … so just ask questions that is the only way to learn … .and yes new blindwrite you will not have to know any setting at all …it is greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat …as tony the tiger would say hheheh

Cheers guys for the info much appreciated :slight_smile: