Newbie Advice Needed

I want to begin transferring older VHS tapes to DVD and edit some of them so need a complete set up from the best burner, software and PCI video capture card. I would like components that are proven to work together without major issues for the entry level novice I will be.

I have the Sony DRU 810A and have not installed it yet. I originally wanted the Plextor PX-716A but saw a few too many “bad reviews” about it and was scared away by a pattern of dissatisfied purchasers. The Sony can be returned if it’s not suitable.

The video capture card will need RCA analog A/V inputs as my VCR’s and VCP’s do not have S-Video or composite outputs. I’d prefer a PCI internal card if one is available.

Software should be something fairly simple for a novice to video editing. Normally I will not need much color or image correction since most of my programs are NOT from camcorders, etc.

I’d welcome anyone’s real world experience in this and hope I can do it right the first time!! Please email me direct or use the private contact mode here—I won’t consider it SPAM by any means!

Thanks all


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