Newbie 822 owner

Not really a newbie. Sent first 822 back after it stopped recognizing any media; Cd, DVD, Games etc. Worked for a few months then quit. Got a new one back today.

I expect that all I will be doing is burning music CDs. Some CDs for data. Some DVD for data archiving. No DVD copying or duplicating movies. Given the cost of media, I think I will only be using -R or +R, Not -RW or +RW. Speed is not that important. I’m really looking for reliable operation.

I’ve seen alot about flashing firmware. How do I check which version is in the device currently. For what I think I’ll be doing, does it really matter to me?

I’ll look through the Newbie forum for hardware and XP setting. Any suggestion?

How bout a good CD / DVD burning program. Again, just for data storage, not copying commerical DVDs.



Welcome :wink:

When you have Nero Burning Rom, you can use Nero Info Tool to check your firmware version.
Nero info tool can also be downloaded for free here.

I wish you long and troublefree BenQ burning session. :slight_smile: