Newbie 4570 read speed

is there any option to slow down the read speed of this drive? it’s very noisy when playing video :a .
thanx, sorry for my english
2. question: which firmware is best for this drive?

1)anyDVD works fine for me :slight_smile: or maybe nero drive speed :).
2)Dee’s 1.Z1get it from here

is dee’s 1.Z1 better than liggy’s bittsetting 1.02? what’s the difference?

Better with good quality media, like TY and MCC.

The difference is that Dee’s 1.Z1 was designed for temporarily taking care of a CAV recording problem that some (if not all) of these drives have. It sets the maximum speed at 12x CLV, instead of 16x CAV for some medias.

For the noisy video playback the best you can do is try the Nero Drive speed, to temporarily contain it when you play the video. Unfortunately NEC drives do not automatically slow-down when you do a video playback.