Newbie 1640 owner questions


  1. Do I HAVE to reboot after each flash (I don’t hibernate or anything)?
  2. Do I HAVE to reboot after enabling or disabling WOPC?
  3. Does the drive learn as it burns like the Lite-on?
  4. How do I overspeed media like TY?
  5. Is TY media usually better with WOPC on or off?


  1. Sorry, I don’t know :o

  2. Sorry, I don’t know :o

  3. No, 1640 don’t learn such as liteon

  4. Overspeed depends on firmware, and official firmwares don’t allow overspeed (until now)

  5. Sorry, I don’t know :o

  1. It is best to reboot so Windows will detect the “new” drive
  2. No you don’t have to.
  3. Sorry, I don’t know yet.
  4. With ala’s MCSE.
  5. In my opinion, you need to test your TY batch yourself.


In regards to Windows ‘detecting’ the ‘new drive’ surely just removing and redecting the drive in device manager would suffice for that. I’ve never understood the need to reboot otherwise unless there is some other reason like it must be powered down then back up again for the new firmware to take effect. If anyone knows please do tell. But I have been told that the Lite-on definitely does not need to be rebooted after each flash unless you hibernate your PC.


@DeadMan I seem to remember a post from Pinto2 saying that his burst rate stayed at 13mbs until he rebooted after flashing.

Edit: Here is the Post I was refering to C0deKing/Pinto2.:slight_smile:


That could account for a transfer rate problem I had after my first burn. I flashed to BSJB but did not reboot. I may try a flash and then test that theory and if it’s true try removing the device in device manager and redetecting to see if it fixes it.


OK I tried flashing but a reboot is definitely required since I cannot even get into device manager after a flash to try the device removal trick.


Yeah, my experience with the 1640 is the system will hang if you try to access the drive after a flash, without a reboot. Also Windows hangs on shutdown as well, after the flash, but is fine after the reboot. This applies to CVT or Windows EXE flashing, so it’s something to do with a soft reset.

Personally I believe that the 1620 and 1640 learn. I know the drive has EEPROM and I typically experience better burn quality on the second burn of a new media code. Also my 1620 started burning coasters with MCC003 only and flashing back to the “L” firmware fixed this problem, so this indicates to me that individual media codes have data stored in the EEPROM :wink:


Does the flasher not inform you that a reboot is to be performed when it’s done? It does for me and I just say ok, I figure it’s key for BenQ drives; heck, even though my Pioneer doesn’t ask me to reboot after a flash, I still do.


Yes! My WinXP just hanged when I access my BenQ after flashing. But my Liteon never require reboot.